Friday, October 5, 2012

This Weeks Featured Artist and Bead Here Now Employee

Jewelry has always fascinated me. My grandmother had a lifetime's worth of fantastic pieces in a tall jewelry wardrobe. I would sit on her bed and stare at the sparkling rhinestone brooches and stroke the ropes of pearls, treasured for their stories and history as much as for their beauty.

Later, dissatisfied with what was available and not having access to "fine" jewelry, I began to make my own. When yard sales and thrift stores weren't enough, I began to eye non-jewelry items as possibilities. Keys, mini doll furniture, origami, etc. This led to gifts for friends and family and a desire to deconstruct nearly every piece I could put hands on. After high school I sold my first piece of jewelry, a bit unwillingly.

Artefact Redux was hatched by my husband and I some time in '06 when we were only lovers and he was not yet diagnosed with cancer. Born of our shared love of things old and dusty, tinkering and artistry, it was a creative union and outlet.

Once we joined forces shows, gallery spots and festivals happened. An especially proud moment was being invited to participate in First Coast Fashion Week this year. Today Artefact Redux jewelry is available online as well as brick & mortar locations in Jacksonville, FL.



Look for classes from Teresa every Saturday Here @ Bead Here Now

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