Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Everyone who knows me knows I love to play with sheet metal. I love to heat it and fold it, bend it and hammer it, then see all of the wonderful textures that come from doing all of these fun things.
This is known as foldforming.
Foldforming is a technique invented by Charles Lewton Braine. It is a technique of taking sheet metal and forming it into beautiful 3-D forms without the use of solder. You fold sheet metal, work it, then unfold to create beautful pieces of art or jewelry!
This has quickly become one of my most popular classes here at Bead Here Now. Back in April, I had a group of 6 ladies all the way from Canada and we had a day of heating and folding and hammering and creatings beautful copper bowls! I have also had students come from South Florida as well as Texas just to take this wonderful class.
Look for a blog tutorial coming soon and be sure to check out our class schedule to sign up for this fun class!

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