Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marias adventures in far away lands!

For those of you who know my business partner Maria, you know she LoOoOvEss to travel! For those of you who dont, well Maria loves to travel to fArRrR away lands in search of the perfect treasures to line our eclectic and well stocked bead shop, as well as to stock her shop, Midnight Sun.
She recently returned from her once a year buying trip to India bearing a beautiful selection of the most CoLoRfUl and tExTuReD recycled silk yarn, gorgeous SUPER SIZED handcrafted copper beads with swirls and flowers and a nice selection of natural stone cabachons.
In just over a week she is off on another adventure, Bali Indonesia.
Stop by in late August and we will have a huge new shipment of gemstone beads, sterling thai silver and many other treasures to choose. Something for everyone.

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